Condition Plays a Major Role in the Sale of a Harrisburg Home

Condition Plays a Major Role in the Sale of a Harrisburg Home

The condition that a Harrisburg home is in when you try to sell it plays a significant role in the success of the sale when using a traditional method. Research has found that when selling a home traditionally (listing it on the MLS and using an agent then allowing buyers to look at it and wait for an offer) homes in peak condition often receive offers at or above the list price and often bring in about 10% more money than homes that need repair and attention. Homes in great condition have also been shown to sell 20% faster.

What is a Home in Great Condition?

There is no absolute standard for constituting that a home is in great condition, however, there are some basic standards that real estate experts go by to help them help their clients sell homes. And it works because trustworthy agents know their business and how to successfully sell a home. In general, a home that is in good condition will have quality finish materials, all items in good working condition, will be clean, and will not be outdated or tired.

Research on Condition Aspects

Numbers don’t lie homes in the best condition sell better on the traditional real estate market compared to homes that could use some work both for safety and health reasons or for cosmetic ones (only impacts the looks of the home and not the function). If you live in a desirable area like some popular Harrisburg neighborhoods, the expected quality of a home is even more important.

The average home price per square footage was found to be higher on the sale price of homes in great condition as compared to homes that were in the same neighborhoods and had similar features and sizes. Homes in great condition often sold higher than the average listing price for the area. The numbers showed that homes needing no work sold for around 2% more. Looking back several years to buyer’s market conditions these homes sold for 3% more.

This may not sound like a huge or important amount of money when using percentages, but it adds up to thousands of dollars. Using the average price of an American home at $436,000 for an example, this could mean an added 2,200 dollars in the sale price of a home.

Homes in good condition have been found to sell at or above the list price. For the years 2017 to 2019 before the pandemic when competition heated up, homes in better condition sold for their target price 46% of the time. For the year 2021, this number jumped to 77% and to 67% in 2022.

Can a Harrisburg Buyer Sell a Home As-Is?

What if a homeowner does not want to or doesn’t have the ability to get their home in top condition before selling it? In some cases getting a home in great condition could mean large repairs that require more money or time than a homeowner can give to a home.

What can a Harrisburg homeowner do when they are looking to sell their home in its current condition? There are two options. A homeowner can choose to sell a home as-is without making repairs or getting their home ready traditionally. This could mean a lengthy process of finding the right buyer who is willing to make these repairs.

A homeowner could choose to contact a cash homebuyer. Working with a cash home buyer guarantees a quick sale and no expectation of having to do anything at all to the home to get it ready. Not even packing up belongings to get rid of the clutter.

The process of working with a cash buyer is as simple as making a phone call setting up an appointment and receiving an offer. The homeowner gets to choose the closing date and could have their home sold in as little as seven days. No waiting around for months for the right buyer or negotiating back and forth about the price for every detail that needs some attention in the home.

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