Getting a Fair Offer on a Home with Fire Damage

Getting a Fair Offer on a Home with Fire Damage

Going through a house fire is one of the worst things most people can imagine happening to their home. Often when we think of house fire we think of the total loss of the home. But not all fires burn a home to the ground. Some leave your home pretty damaged but rebuildable.

Sometimes even if the home is still standing there may be extensive damage beyond what the current homeowner can handle. This could be due to not having enough insurance coverage to bring the home back to its pre-fire livable state or it could be because the trauma is too much to handle.

Vickie Davies of the Knieper Team shares this in a blog post about home insurance coverage:

In the last few years some homeowners have been caught off guard when they find out their insurance policy does not have enough money to cover the replacement costs on their home any longer with a large growth in equity.”

Regardless, selling a home as-is with fire damage can be a big challenge.

Selling a Fire-damaged Home As-Is

Selling a home with fire damage through traditional means can take a while. It means listing your home for sale and waiting for just the right buyer ready to make a major overhaul on a home to purchase it.

This could take several interested buyers in a fixer-upper until you find the right one. This is because purchasing a fire-damaged home is no small feat. Some home buyers romanticize taking an ugly home and completely transforming it into their dream house. A house that is exactly the way they want it with all of the newest trendy finishes and hopefully ends up being worth way more money than they paid for the home and put into fixing it up.

What many homebuyers who dream about fixing up a home and making tons of equity don’t realize is how great the scope of the work can be. Especially with a fire-damaged home. Fire damage can be more extensive than realized when just looking at it. There can be much more impact than you realize. So after a buyer goes through an inspection and takes a look into the facts of getting it back in shape it is not uncommon for the average homebuyer to move on to a fixer-upper with a lesser renovation demand.

Trying to sell a home with fire damage can take a little more patience as compared to selling a home as-is with other types of damage. A home with more extensive damage will not draw in as many buyers.

Selling a Home with Fire Damage to a Cash Buyer

There is another option if you are trying to sell a home with fire damage as-is. You can sell your home to a cash buyer. A cash home buyer will not require you to make improvements to your home before they make an offer on it. They will not write expected repairs into their purchase agreement offer. They expect to purchase your home just as it is.

The process of selling your home for cash is pretty simple when compared to other methods of selling your home.  It starts by contacting a cash home buyer. You can fill out the form on their website letting them know you are interested in selling your home for cash or you can give them a call.

When you contact a reputable cash home buyer they will ask you a few questions about your home and make an appointment to come and see the home in person. Only one appointment is needed. After doing a little bit of research on the home they will offer a fair all-cash offer in writing just like you would receive with a regular home purchase. A trustworthy cash buyer will encourage you to read the offer carefully and ask any questions you have without pressuring you to take the offer.

If you decide to take the offer and sign the purchase contract you get to pick the closing date for your home. In some cases, you could close on the sale of your home in as little as seven days. No waiting around for a buyer to secure financing (which could fall through if the buyer does not communicate the damage to the home or apply for the proper loan to purchase a damaged home.

If you have a home with fire damage in the Harrisburg PA area and are wondering how you are going to sell it, give us a call. We are a reputable cash homebuyer in Harrisburg ready to help you sell your home without all of the hassle and headache a traditional sale can bring when selling a damaged home. Contact us any time to get started on the process of selling your home for cash in Harrisburg.

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