A Guide to Choosing a Better Cash Homebuyer for Your PA Home

A Guide to Choosing a Better Cash Homebuyer for Your PA Home

If you have a home in Pennsylvania that you need to sell quickly you may be considering contacting a cash homebuyer. This is because a cash buyer can bypass all of the underwriting process for a mortgage and get through the steps of property ownership transfer transactions at a quicker pace. But not all cash homebuyers are the same. Some buyers will enable you to sell your home more quickly than others.

Here is a look into different cash homebuyers and how they typically work in the process of purchasing a home to help you decide how you might want to sell your Pennsylvania home for cash.

A Guide to Choosing a Better Cash Homebuyer for Your PA Home

Types of cash home buyers

A cash homebuyer is an individual or company that can purchase a home outright without any assistance or loan from another individual or company. This streamlines the purchase process without having to go through a loan application and qualifications. In some cases, this can get a home sold in a matter of just a week.

House flippers

A house flipper is someone looking for a distressed property that needs work with the mindset of fixing it up in a very quick timeframe to turn around and sell it for as much money as possible to make a quick profit. They then turn their sights on the next home to take a home from distressed or outdated and turn it into desirable and fresh to sell it for top dollar. This is flipping it from one condition to another and where the term house flipper came from.

Real estate investors

A real estate investor is someone who purchases real estate not to live in it themselves but to profit from the ownership. They often have a substantial amount of financial resources that allow them to make quick purchasing decisions. There are several different types of investors but this category usually describes those who own multiple properties with the sole mindset of generating income from owning those properties whether it is selling them for a profit or retaining them and becoming a landlord.


This is a relatively newer way to get a home sold for cash. This is a term that has been shortened from the title instant buyers. These buyers often work on a digital platform and make use of technology to help them seek out properties or be contacted about a property over the Internet and make a fast cash offer. They evaluate homes using artificial intelligence and algorithms. The most widely known ibuyer is the Opendoor company. Zillow also has an ibuying portion of their company that has received more recognition.

Cash home-buying company

Many different cash home-buying companies work mostly with homebuyers contacting them. Some companies are run on a national level and others are run on a smaller scale. These companies solely work in purchasing a home with a quick turnaround on paperwork. Unfortunately, some companies seek to take advantage of homeowners through this homebuying model. However, some reputable companies simply want to help homeowners in difficult situations be able to sell their home where it could be a long and arduous process to sell traditionally.

Choosing the right cash homebuyer for your PA home

No matter the type of cash buyer it is always best to do your homework on the home buyer. This is especially true if the buyer has approached you about purchasing your home with cash under a quick timeline. You want to make sure that you truly know who has put an offer in on your home or who is worth contacting to get a trustworthy cash offer for your property.

Doing your homework on a cash homebuyer can include searching them on the Internet to find reviews and reports of how they do business. You could also ask the homebuyer for their credentials and for testimonies of previous customers they have worked with. It is a good idea to ask them if you can contact people that they have worked with to hear their experience. You want to make sure that you are not working with someone who is trying to take advantage of someone in need to sell their home quickly.

It’s also a good idea to know the value of your home so that you know what a fair offer in cash for your property could be. When you are approached and an offer is made for your Pennsylvania home it is also a good idea to employ the advice of a real estate attorney to look over the contract. A reputable cash buyer will always make a fair offer and there will be no pressure to accept their offer and no increased pressure if you turn the offer down.

If you are considering selling your home for cash in Pennsylvania because you need to sell your Pennsylvania home quickly contact us anytime. We are open and honest in our homebuying practices and will never pressure you to take our offer. We will also not be offended when you seek professional advice and read our purchase agreement. Contact us anytime for more information on selling your Pennsylvania home quickly for cash.

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