Oftentimes the time comes where you are considering selling a rental property. It is not uncommon for a homebuyer to purchase a starter home to get their feet wet in home ownership. The starter home is one that is often smaller in size or a multi-family property. Something that has just the basics or bare essentials of what they need in a home for now and comes with a lesser price tag as compared to a larger or dream forever home.

Some homeowners when they are ready to move on from their cute little starter home, turn this first property into a rental home. It is a way to make a little extra income to help pay for that next home purchase, while also still building the wealth of property ownership through equity. This turns a homeowner into a landlord.

As a homeowner moves on to a bigger property it often comes with a larger family and/or a bigger job. These amazing life opportunities also come with increased responsibilities that demand more time and attention. Sometimes the job of being a good landlord begins to feel like more work than a homeowner can or wants to take on. This leads the homeowner to consider selling a rental property.

Selling Your RentalOptions for Selling a Rental

When a landlord has a rental home they want to sell they have a couple of options. They can sell the home traditionally like any other home, or they can sell the home to a cash buyer.

Selling a rental home traditionally means getting it ready to sell and hiring a trustworthy agent, then listing the property and waiting for an offer to come in. Once the offer comes in it could mean waiting an extra 30 to 60 for the buyers to go through due diligence and to secure a mortgage loan. All perfectly fine if you have the time.

Often landlords with rental properties are looking to get a home off their hands as soon as possible. The longer the home sits empty waiting to sell, the more money the home is costing the landlord because they are paying the entire home payment and any other fees of ownership without rent coming in.

If the home was left in less than amazing shape by the last tenants this can also take time and money to get the home ready to sell.

Selling a rental property to a reputable cash buyer enables a landlord to let go of their rental property with less hassle and may even save them quite a bit of money when you consider all of the costs of waiting for the home to sell traditionally. Contacting a cash home-buying company allows a landlord to have the rental property they no longer have the ability or time to handle sell in as little as seven days.

Contacting a Cash Home Buyer for Selling a Rental

If you are a landlord with a rental property you are looking to sell, but really do not want to draw out the process of selling the property, consider talking with a case home buyer.

A cash buyer will ask you some questions about the rental property and make an appointment to come see it in person. (No surprise visits from an agent just down the street.) After looking at the property and gathering needed information a cash buyer will make a no-pressure offer through a written contract to purchase your home with cash. This means no waiting around to secure financing and no added fees. A reputable cash buyer will cover the fees of the sale transaction.

If you have a rental property in Harrisburg that you are hoping to sell, contact us. We are a reputable and trustworthy Harrisburg cash-home-buying company here to help homeowners get their homes sold in a shorter timeframe.

We will make a fair all-cash offer and encourage you to look over all the details and ask questions. There is never any pressure or obligation to accept our offer, only the possibility of selling a rental home as hassle-free as possible in as little time as possible.