Lebanon Home Isn’t Selling? What You Can Do to Get Your Home Sold

Lebanon Home Isn't Selling? What You Can Do to Get Your Home Sold

Selling a Lebanon home traditionally can take some time. If you have made some common homeselling mistakes you may find yourself frustrated that your home has been listed for sale a lot longer than you would like.

Some Reasons Homes Sit on the Market

Priced Incorrectly

When listing a home for sale traditionally through the MLS the asking price you list your home at is crucial. Especially right now, as home buyers are more savvy and careful with home affordability than they have ever been. Buyers are very cautious about finding a home that they want and need at an affordable price, especially as home values increase and mortgage rates remain higher than what most feel is ideal.

A mistake that some Lebanon and many homebuyers around the world often make, is pricing their home at the ideal profit amount they want to make off the sale and not at the home’s fair market value. When a home is not priced at fair market value buyers will move on to a more fairly priced home.

Selling As-Is: Not Getting the Home Ready to Sell

There is no requirement to get your home in peak condition before listing it for sale, but it will mean that the home may sit longer on the market.

Donald Payne of Vision Realty in Columbus has this to say about getting a home ready to sell, “there are some things every homeowner should do to get their home ready for showings. The first thing to do is get rid of any clutter and get a head start on packing by putting personalized belongings away. This is the act of staging. It showcases the home in its best light and helps buyers to see how a space can be used. It helps them imagine how they would enjoy living in the space.

Karen Bell from The Bell Team real estate agency of Sanibel Island shares this, “Selling a home is never completely easy, but there are some preparations a Sanibel homeowner can take to lighten the burden of getting their home sold. Research and numbers have shown that the proper preparation for showing your home to buyers can greatly impact the success of the home sale. While there is no guaranteed formula to get your home sold, there are some things that you can do to help it appeal to buyers.

Not Open For Showings

Home showings can be a huge pain and a major inconvenience. For some homeowners, it is the most frustrating part about trying to sell a home. It means having your home open and ready for potential buyers to walk through and look at it. Sometimes buyers’ agents are not always so thoughtful about giving a homeowner plenty of notice before they show up with a client. For this reason, some homeowners either drastically limit home showings or don’t allow them at all. This makes it hard for a home to receive an offer.

Bill Gassett of Massachusettes Real Estate News offers this advice when asked:

“One of the most vital aspects of selling a house is maximizing your showing opportunities. Sometimes selling can be a challenge with undesirable times or last minute showing requests.

Unfortunately you need to treat your sale like a business. You wouldn’t close your shop in the middle of the day just because. The same holds true with real estate.

Flexibility is crucial. I always tell my seller clients a missed showing is a missed opportunity. You never know when the one will be walking through the door.  Don’t let a potential buyer not view your home. It could wind up being a significant mistake!”

What Options Do You Have When Your Lebanon Home Isn’t Selling?

Fix The Issues

If your Lebanon home has been sitting for sale for much longer than you would like you could find the issues that are causing buyers to be reluctant to make an offer and fix them. This means making repairs, cleaning the home, and making sure the list price is accurate. Or you could continue waiting until just the right buyer comes along who doesn’t mind dealing with whatever issues are going on. (Though if it is the price, this will most likely not happen until the home appreciates to the list price.)

Contact a Cash Home Buyer

If you are not in a position to take the time to fix up your home or to continue waiting for the buyer who will fix the home, it could be time to consider contacting a cash home buyer. If you need to sell your house fast in Lebanon PA, a cash buyer could purchase your home in as little as 7 days. No more waiting around for your home to sell the traditional way. Selling your home to a cash buyer means no more waiting and no expectation for you to fix up the home in any way.

We buy houses in Lebanon. When you contact us we will provide a no-cost consultation. We will make an appointment to come see the home, make an assessment of the property, and make an offer in writing that we encourage you to look over and ask questions. If you accept our no-pressure offer you can have your home sold quickly. Contact us any time to start the process.


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