What Impact Does a Cash Homebuyer Have on the PA Market?

What Impact Does a Cash Homebuyer Have on the PA Market? – The real estate market in PA and any area really is an always changing entity. No matter how much insight, intelligence, and natural instinct someone has about the market there is no way to completely predict what the market will do. There are many different factors that play a role in the real estate market and where it turns.

When the market gets out of balance and gives more leverage to buyers, or sellers (like right now) there is always a factor or two that takes most of the blame. Right now as headlines talk about more homes being purchased with cash some are asking what impact a cash homebuying company makes on the real estate market.

What Impact Does a Cash Homebuyer Have on the PA Market?

They Help Home Sellers in Sticky SituationsWhat Impact Does a Cash Homebuyer Have on the PA Market?

Not every home is in an easy-to-sell condition or situation. Some home sales do not go traditionally. Some homes are not in great condition but the homeowner needs to sell the home in a short amount of time, they can’t wait around to find the right special buyer who is looking for their home and willing to deal with the out-of-the-ordinary conditions.

In some cases, a homeowner may need to just sell their home before a deadline hits. Selling to a cash homebuyer helps the homeowner to get a home sold without worrying about how long it is going to take or if somebody will purchase the home before time is up.

An “unsellable home” doesn’t have to be an unsellable home. Contacting a cash homebuyer means contacting an interested buyer in your property that most buyers would run from.

Allows Home Owners to Sell Quickly

If a PA homeowner has a need to sell their home quickly not waiting around for a bank to rubber stamp someone’s loan in the typical 30 to 45  days or maybe longer a cash homebuyer can help. Even in a hot seller’s market, there is a waiting period to finalize and close on the home sale in a traditional transaction.

A cash homebuyer makes an offer and buys the home as-is. There is no haggling and negotiation over appraisals and inspections. There is no waiting for the potential buyer to provide just one more document of evidence to their lender so that they can make their payments on time. There is an offer and in as little as 7 days you can be closing on the deal.

It Keeps Things Simple

With a cash home sale, there is less hassle. In as few as four steps you can sell a home that would otherwise be difficult to sell in a traditional way. If your home isn’t selling or you need to guarantee getting your home sold by a certain date contacting a cash homebuyer gives you those options.  If your home is of interest to the buyer they will make an offer quickly and not give pressure to sell the home.

They communicate their offer in black and white with no haggling and give you time to consider it or reject it. The homeowner can close on the sale of the home in as little as seven days and move on to their next housing adventure.

With current headlines, cash buyers have been thought of as the reason home prices are skyrocketing. They are also given the blame for bidding wars and buyers using mortgage loans having a hard time winning in a multiple-bid situation. The truth is, we are not that type of cash homebuyer. We are here to help difficult homes and buyers in difficult situations find an easier solution to getting their property sold.

Not all homes sell in an ideal timeframe even in a seller’s market when inventory is extremely low and traditional homebuyers are finding it more challenging to locate a home in Harrisburg and other central PA locations that they love. There are still homes out there that a majority of buyers run away from. And there are some situations where homeowners just can’t take the time and risk of a longer drawn-out home sale. This is where a cash-buying company can help.

If you are interested in selling your home quickly for any reason, contact us. We will ask you some questions about the home you want to sell and then make you an offer. There is no obligation to sell to us. If you do your home could be sold in as little as 7 days. For more information about selling your PA home for cash contact us any time.


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