What Happens to a Home When the Owner Passes Away?

What Happens to a Home When the Owner Passes Away

Many difficult situations arise in life, and many of them catch us off guard or unprepared and leave us wondering “What in the World Do I Do Now?” One of these situations is when a loved one passes away and leaves behind all of the things that need to be taken care of, especially when it comes to owning a home. What to do with a home is not always as cut and dry as handing it over to the person stated in the will.

Not every person who passes away has a will, or if they do, it could be outdated or not entirely enforceable as written. Or there could be a surviving loved one who feels the will needs to be contested.

What Happens to a Home When the Owner Passes Away

Who inherits the Property?

Unless clearly stated in a legally binding will and testament of the homeowner the property most often goes to the next of surviving kin. This may be one single person or it could be multiple surviving relatives. For example, if a parent has several children the inheritance will be split amongst the surviving children. This means that multiple surviving heirs receive a percentage of ownership in the home. This could present a challenge in what each surviving heir feels should be done with the property. In some unfortunate cases, it can cause disagreements that end up in court battles to decide the details of what will happen to the home.

Selling an Inherited Home

If the parties inheriting the property are not in a position to retain ownership of the property then it needs to be sold. There can be some stressful and arduous steps to selling a home you have inherited. You want to make sure that everything is legally sorted out so that the home can legally change ownership. This can be especially tricky when more than one heir needs to sign paperwork to prove that the home is legally being sold.

There is also the process of getting the home ready to sell and the options of which selling strategy will be taken to sell the property so that the heirs can move on. In some cases, the new homeowners may decide that they want to sell their home quickly for cash to release the stress and burden of taking care of their loved ones left behind property. This is because it is already hard enough to grieve the loss of a loved one having to deal with everything needing to be taken care of on top of it only adds to the stress and heartache.

Selling a home for cash allows the property inheritors to go through the process of selling the home as hassle-free as possible. If all of the paperwork is in order all the inheriting parties need to do is contact a cash homebuyer and they could have the property sold in as little as seven days. This of course all depends upon details surrounding the home and the ability to have all of the heirs to the estate sign the paperwork. Sometimes this is the least stressful way to sell a property after a loved one has passed and allow the surviving heirs to move on to more important details.

The last thing someone who has inherited a home that cannot take on the ownership duties and responsibilities of that home wants to do is take a long drawn-out process to sell the property. Contacting a reputable cash buyer will allow the new legal property owner(s) to sell the home and move on in a shorter timeframe.

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