Do I Have to List My House with an Agent?

do I have to list my house with an agent

Do I Have to List My House with an Agent? If you need to sell your Harrisburg home as fast as possible there is a way to do it in as little as seven days. Contrary to what some homeowners may believe, you do not need a real estate agent to sell your home. There are many scenarios where using an agent is helpful, but if you are in a unique situation where selling your home right now and not waiting around is the main focus, there are benefits to not using an agent and considering a non-traditional selling method of a cash buyer.

Do I Have to List My House with an Agent? Benefits of Not Selling with A Real Estate Agent

Saving Money and Effort

When you choose to list your home for sale through the traditional method of hiring an agent and marketing your home online and through the MLS, you will most likely prepare your home to be seen before it sells.

This preparation process to get your home ready can take a lot of time, effort, and a significant amount of money. A real estate agent often advises that you should paint, clean up the landscape, make minor important repairs, stage, deep cleaning, etc. Depending upon the size and condition of your Harrisburg home this could take weeks to months and anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Not everyone has the time or money to do this, they just need to get their home sold, now.

You can sell your home as-is and not do a thing to get it ready as well as communicate you will not do anything to repair the home or negotiate having repairs done after inspection. This could turn buyers off and you are waiting to find the right buyer looking for a fixer-upper home.

Saving Time

Once your home is ready to be listed and seen by potential buyers, you then begin another waiting game. The game of waiting for buyers to come and look at your home and then waiting for one of them to make an offer. If that offer is through the funding of a mortgage loan, you will then play the waiting game of closing on the mortgage. This could take anywhere from 30 to 60 days or more.

No Negotiations

Often selling a home the traditional way means going through accepting an offer. If the offer comes in lower than you would like this means making a counteroffer and negotiating the price of the home. Then there is the due diligence process where the appraisal and the inspection take place. If something is found in the inspection that is of concern this means more negotiations to get items fixed or lower the price of the home to allow the buyer to afford the fix. Selling to a cash buyer eliminates a great deal of this process.

No Extra Fees

Phil Long with Offer PA says, “There are many added fees to the home-selling process. This is because selling a home legally requires a lot of paperwork and people with the right knowledge to supervise, walk you through, and file that paperwork. These fees are often the responsibility of the home seller because they are making a profit in the sale. This is the seller’s portion of closing costs. You avoid most of these fees when you contact a cash buyer because they pay the fees of the sale transaction.”

If you need to sell your home quickly the only guaranteed way to do it is to contact a cash homebuyer. A real estate agent can help you sell in a shorter timeframe when your home is prepared and ready to show in its best light. If you don’t want to do any work to your home and make sure it sells quickly, selling to a Harrisburg home buyer is the best option.