Direct Sale or  Should You List Your Home Traditionally?

Direct Sale or Listing Your Home Traditionally

When you are considering selling your Lebanon home there are several factors to think about. Some homeowners think selling a home is as simple as listing it for sale, opening it for tours, and waiting for offers. There is much more to consider. Some homeowners are not aware they have more than one option to sell their home. You can sell your home traditionally or you can sell directly to cash home buyers in Lebanon, PA. To help you decide which is the best method for your home here are some considerations.

Deciding Between Listing Your Lebanon PA Home Traditionally or Using a Direct Sale


Selling traditionally vs. selling a home for cash in Lebanon provides two very different selling strategies. The most recognized and notable is the time in which it takes to get your home sold. When selling a home by listing it on the MLS and marketing through a real estate agent there is no guaranteed timeline for how long it could take to get your home from listed for sale to officially sold. The number can depend heavily on the average number of days to sell a home, how desirable your home and its location are, and the requested number of days until closing once you do receive an offer.

Selling a home directly with a cash home buyer can take as little as seven days, depending upon how long the homeowner takes to read over the offer contract and when they choose the closing date. Some homes do take a bit longer but the most common timeline to sell a home direct is between 7 and 14 days. For some homeowners, this can be a better method because they have a home they need to guarantee will sell in a specific timeframe.


Selling a home traditionally for the highest price possible will require getting your home ready to be seen at its best. It is akin to putting a product for sale in a store window. A buyer walking down the sidewalk looking in store windows expects to see the best products the store has to offer. Listing traditionally in hopes of receiving fair market value or higher will require getting your home in its best condition.

This could mean painting, minor repairs, staging, packing extra belongings away and paying for temporary storage, cleaning up landscaping, etc. If your home needs significant work to get it back in its best shape, it could take some time before you are ready to list your home for sale traditionally.


It is not often considered, but selling a home does cost money. In some cases, it can cost more money than a homeowner would make from selling their home directly for cash. All of those preparations can add up. They could be anywhere from several hundred dollars to thousands. Then there are the fees for selling which can include agent commissions, seller concessions, closing costs, taxes, etc. By the time you have sold your home traditionally there will be a significant portion of your profit that goes back into the cost of selling your home.

This amount of course does depend upon the condition of the home, the offer you receive for your home, and the location of your home (taxes vary by location). Calculating the projected costs of selling traditionally and the costs of selling directly may help you decide what method of selling is best for you.

If you have weighed the options of selling your Lebanon home and decided that the best method to sell your home is to a cash buyer, contact us. We buy houses for cash in Lebanon and other areas of Pennsylvania. We offer a fair cash offer and will never pressure you to accept. We will pay the fees of the transaction and you could have your home sold as-is in as little as seven days.


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