Can You Sell a Deceased Parent’s Home in Pennsylvania?

Can You Sell a Deceased Parent's Home

Dealing with a parent’s estate after they pass can bring feelings of uncertainty and may be very overwhelming. The team at OfferPA has helped navigate this situation with knowledge of selling a home and walking through the legal steps.

Selling the Home of a Deceased Loved One

Selling a home that once belonged to a parent who has passed away can come with some challenges. The challenges become greater if the parent does not have a will for their estate. This may mean the home needs to go through a court’s probate process to determine legal ownership and who has permission to sell the property.

Research has found that around 70% of homeowners would like to pass their home to their surviving children when they pass on. In order to do this Americans need to fill out a clear will, in a majority of states around the country. No matter who the property is left to there is the matter of ensuring that financial obligations surrounding the property are met, especially if the home is still under a mortgage loan.

It is in an heir’s best interest to know as much as possible about the home and what costs will be incurred when selling the home. Such as paying off the mortgage, paying any owed property taxes, and possibly paying for probate proceedings. All of these items can greatly impact the profit of the sale of the home.

Options for Selling the Home in PA

If you have decided to sell an inherited home from a parent there are a few options. The most common include selling traditionally with a real estate agent and selling to a cash home buyer.

If you are overwhelmed and do not have the time or money to sell the home through common traditional strategies, selling to a cash homebuyer may be a good alternative. Selling to a cash buyer does not require you to do anything to the property. You can sell the home as-is and could possibly get your inherited PA home sold in 7 days.

Selling an inherited home could turn into a longer process than you want or need when selling with a real estate agent. If you are not able to take the time to fix up the property to get it ready for showings or to wait for buyers to look over the property and make an offer, contacting a PA cash home buyer gives you another choice.

The process is simple and a reputable cash home buyer will help to answer every question you have. They will take a look at the home after making an appointment to see it that is convenient for you. They will do some research on the property and then make an all-cash offer that is backed up in writing in the form of a legal home purchase offer contract.

A reputable cash home buyer will never pressure you to take the offer and will be sensitive to your needs. They will allow you the time and encourage you to read the offer over carefully and ask as many questions as you need about the contract. They will pay the fees for filing the sale paperwork and getting the contract signed through the proper legal authorities. You get to choose the closing date and receive a cash offer in a shorter timeframe without paying extra real estate transaction fees.

Can You Sell a Deceased Parent’s Home in Pennsylvania?

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